Disneyland Explored

Disneyland explored.

Disneyland Inspired Christmas Decorations - Part 3, MM Wreaths

The Mickey Mouse shape is one of the easiest to re-create and incorporate into some decorating. It's iconic 1 large circle with 2 smaller ones makes for a great base. Here are several of my Mickey Mouse Christmas wreathes that are scattered throughout my house during this season. 

I really love the hanging Mickey Mouse wreaths on Main Street, USA. The last photos in the gallery above is my attempt to have some of the Disneyland Christmas decor at my house. I bought 1 big wreath and 2 smaller ones to create my Mickey Mouse wreath. I added a little floral, outdoor shatterproof ornaments and lights to complete my project. Here was my inspiration.

 Main Street U.S.A - Disneyland. Dec 2014

Main Street U.S.A - Disneyland. Dec 2014

Happy Christmas Eve, Eve!