Disneyland Explored

Disneyland explored.

These ARE the bags your are looking for....

My family are Star Wars fans. It's a story/movie that crosses over generations. It's pretty common in my household to make a Star Wars reference in our daily conversations. 

 My kids and I are running the inaugural Star Wars 5K next month and are still working on our running gear (costumes). I just received an email reminder for our run and saw that the Star Wars Dooney and Burke items are available. The pics are not great but you can get an idea of what the design is. Happy to see that our favorite droids are prominently featured. 

Dooney and Burke has partnered with runDisney to design commemorative items for each of the run events. They are usually available at the event for participants. Guess I have to start saving. My birthday is in January so I might have to put this on my wish list. It would be fun to have one to use at the Star Wars Celebration 

May the Force Be With You!