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Music Monday - As Long as There's Christmas


When my kids were young, they had their favorite holiday movies that they liked to watch. One of them was Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas (1997). The story is told by Mrs. Potts as a flashback that takes place during Christmas time while Belle was still a prisoner in Beast's castle. The enchanted objects feel that Christmas time is a great opportunity to try to make Beast fall in love with Belle. 

The song "As Long as There's Christmas" is an original song written for this movie. Music composed by by Rachel Portman with lyrics written by Don Black. It is sung by Paige O-Hara who originated the role of Belle in Beauty and the Beast

The song is sort of a theme for the movie. It is about the hope of finding hope during Christmas Time. There are familiar characters who are in this song sequence as well as some new ones. The original cast reprises their roles in this direct to video movie.

Everyone is hopeful for many things this time year. Watching the video can put you in the holiday mood. Hope your holiday preparations are on track or will soon be. Less is always more. Just enjoy the season.  

Happy Music Monday!