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Disneyland explored.

Disneyland Inspired Christmas Decorations: Part 2 - Tiki Reindeers

A couple weeks ago I posted the beginning stages of our new outdoor Christmas decorations. My kids carefully painted each reindeer. They are individually different in design and character. The Sparks Tiki Reindeers have arrived in the neighborhood. 


 MacSparky assembled them as we placed them. We decided that they needed to be front and center of attention. There was a family negotiation of what other decorations would go with it. As you can see by the photos, there was a majority of opinion that less was more. We also had to figure how to light them up at night so we decided that spotlights would be the best. 

We live on a corner house so everyone has to pass by them. It's been a big hit in the neighborhood. The nameplates actually still need to be hammered onto the stakes. The kids are pretty happy about their handiwork...all inspired by "it's a small world holiday". We decided that next year, maybe Rudolph or a Santa Tiki might join the ensemble. Maybe. 

Happy December!