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Watercolor your photos with this App

Waterlogue App

I love taking photos and altering them with photo apps. There are so many photo apps out there but this one was interesting. One of my Facebook friends shared Waterlogue, an app that allows you to take your photos and convert them into a watercolor image. 

Waterlogue was released last December so it is still fairly new. It is made only for the iPhone and iPad. It allows you to take a photo and alter it into a watercolor sketch. There are different sketch options that you can choose. 

When you open up the App, it asks if it can access your photos. Below is a photo I took of some pretty tulips at Disneyland.  They always have picture perfect landscaping. 

Original photo

From there, you select one of your photos and then choose which watercolor style you would like. Based on your photo, you can pick and choose which style is best suited for your particular photo. Click the images below if you want to see the larger images.  You can also view some of the style options. I can't remember which one I choose for this one but it's kinda of fun to see the 'watercoloring' in action. 

I've been playing mostly with flowers and other landscape photos. People as watercolor subjects have not resulted in attractive images. When selecting a photo to alter, just think, "this photo/subject would be pretty as a watercolor." Here is my final watercolor photo. 

Final Waterlogue image.

I have some more photos that I will share in the next post so you can get an idea of which photos might work best for this fun Waterlogue app.