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Pie-Eye Mickey Mouse

The third month and 14th day means it is March 14th. Math and number fans love this day as 3-14 or 3.14, otherwise known as Pi-Day! At my daughter's school, the math teacher brought in some pies to celebrate the day. At our local high school, the Make-a-Wish club scheduled a "Pie your Teacher" Day (specific donations went towards being able to throw a pie at designated teachers in a controlled fundraiser area). So, I figured I had to share something pie related on this Pi Day...with some Disney flavor.

Pie-Eyed Mickey Mouse

The early drawings of Mickey Mouse are drawn with very distinctive eyes that are different than today. According to "During the 1920s and going into the 1930s, animated characters were sometimes drawn with eyes or pupils that were black and circular, but shaped like a pie that's had one slice removed from it."  

Sometimes people will refer to this Mickey Mouse image as "pie-eyed' Mickey. It is just one name that references Mickey Mouse to a particular era or the way he is drawn. Some Mickey Mouse collectors really love this particular Mickey and will also categorize it as vintage Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse started to lose his pie-eyes after the 1940 film Fantasia came out. Mickey Mouse has evolved through the years with technology, different artists, and styles. Do you have a favorite Mickey Mouse era, style, or drawing?

Happy Pi Day! Eat some circular foods (pizza, cookies, donuts) today and think of its 3.14 circumference. Leaving you with the Pi image that is an oldie but a goodie.