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Disneyland explored.

Let's Waterlogue Disneyland Photos

As promised, here are more photos that I edited in the Waterlogue app. I wanted to show you the actual Disneyland photo from and then what the photo looks like after the Waterlogue application.

Disneyland - Sleeping Beauty Castle

Disneyland photo with Waterlogue

MacSparky Jr. with me posing in front of Floral Mickey & Main Street Train Station

Waterlogue photo with people.

A different photo and view of the Disneyland Main Street Train Station.

One of the things that I learned with this app is that not all photos should be 'waterlogued'. You have to take the right photo of a person from the right angle to get a good waterlogue photo. If you have any advice about photos with people and which to Waterlogue filter works best, let me know. 

The following photo was the best example of how you different Waterlogue filters can change your final image. It was fun to play with this photo and see different results.

Photo from @DisneylandToday



"It's Technical" filter


You can see the different looks that you can achieve using the different Waterlogue filters. Choosing the right photo to Waterlogue is also key. 

Now I am off to print these out on different papers to see what they look like. I am an avid scrapbooker so I want to print one out to put in my Project Life book.

Happy Wednesday!