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My Disney Time: 2014 Disney Parks Watch

And now back to our regular program....

My first post for 2014 has to be a Disney watch. I was pretty excited to see that there was dated Disney Parks watch included in this year's merchandise offering. It's not often you see one so I had to snatch this up to be part of my collection.

 My Disney Time: 2014 Disney Parks Watch

My Disney Time: 2014 Disney Parks Watch

I love how colorful the design is. It was inspired by Disney artist Mary Blair according to this information shared by Disney Parks. She is known for drawings of "it's a small world" and her work on Disney films such as Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. 

2014 Watch Back.JPG

The watch has a simple white faux leather band. It really shows off the vibrant colors on the watch design. It is not limited in terms of actual number of watches available, but it is only available at Disney Parks for the 2014 year. The back of the watch features the Disney Parks logo.

While I don't plan on doing a series of Disney watches this year, I may occasionally share just a couple more from my personal Disney collection if it coincides with some event. I do have another Disney blog series I am working on that I will share soon. 

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