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Disneyland explored.

Daily online journaling with Oh Life

I am an avid scrapbooker but it can be overwhelming. I love looking at the photos and writing the story behind it. The constant challenge is finding time for it, getting your stuff out, and then just getting it done. When Becky' Higgins Project Life was introduced, it solved it all for me and became my new system to help me document and capture those weekly life moments.

The first year I began Project Life, I kept a journal book where I would just quickly jot down some key activities or moments in that day. I had it organized by week that complimented the Project Life weekly layout. Then late last year, I discovered Oh Life

I've tried a couple apps but this one is really is as easy as it looks. Sometimes I would misplace my journal book or forget to write in. Oh Life solved a many things for me in my quest to capture my family moments. Here are things I like about Oh Life: 

  1. It's paperless which makes MacSparky happy.
  2. It's convenient since it works through your email. 
  3. No limits to journaling space. I can write as much or as little as I want. 
  4. It's timely. You can schedule your daily email reminder to journal your day so you don't forget and can capture things while fresh in your mind. 
  5. It's private. You'll need to create your account to archive your entires.
  6. It is easily accessible when you need it since it is housed in The Cloud. So when I am ready, to scrapbook my week, I can login and see what happened on particular days. 
  7. It's my family diary.

I've been pretty happy using Oh Life to document daily happenings in my family life and for my family members. I scheduled my Oh Life daily email at 10pm. If I don't get to it that night then it is there for me in the morning. Your reply to that email is your journal entry. It is easy to login and pull up certain days and then be able to translate that info into a weekly scrapbook entry using the Project Life templates. 

Check out Oh Life this week to capture some spring happenings. Use it for documenting a project or writing down your favorite quote of the day. We do a lot of thinking and wishing for this and that. Just do it and get some memories written. Oh Life makes it that easy to journal everyday. 

"The best time to plant a tree is twenty-five years ago. The second best time is today."