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Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

School year is coming to an end and I know there are lots of things to be done. When my kids were younger, I would make some special gifts for their various teachers (elementary school, bible study, coaches). I used to make and give out handmade card packs. They were fun to create and teachers seemed to loved them, too. Who doesn't need some pretty cards for special people, right?

I thought I would share these fun items that I actually created a couple months ago for Teacher Appreciation week. This was my last one as my youngest will be completing 6th grade so that means the end of my elementary school days. These items were very easy to put together and were things that the teacher could actually put to use in her class.

The big expense was the basket that I found at TJ Maxx. I went through my stash of ribbons to find some that would match. I had this decorative accordion file box that was brand new. It made for the perfect place to house the handwritten notes to the teacher. I had sent home 5 large size index cards per child over the weekend and just about everyone returned at least one card. They could draw on them, write a note and do what they wanted. I sent some prompts home like: "Tell the teacher what your favorite class moment has been; what was your favorite book this year and why; what did the teacher do that made you laugh." The rest of items are pretty self-explanatory. I created some tags for each item. I got a lot of ideas and inspiration from Pinterest. 

Altered Crystal Light Pitcher Pack containers. Filled it with black Sharpies.


I found these tissue packs at Target. Stamp sentiment by Reverse Confetti stamps.

Accordion file folder filled with student notes or appreciation to the teacher.

We love our teachers at my local elementary school. They take good care of our kids so it is fun to spoil them during teacher appreciation week. It was fun putting together this basket filled with some school supplies.

Happy Monday!