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Music Mondays: Catina Band (Star Wars)

My kids and I participated in the Inaugural Star Wars 5K run the other day. It's also known as a "fun run" and we sure had a lot of fun. Running through Disneyland Parks with all kinds of Star Wars music blasting from the speakers made for a great morning run.

One of the songs we heard during the route was Cantina Band. Next to the Star Wars theme and Imperial March (Darth Vadar theme), the Cantina Band is probably one of other most recognizable tunes from the Star Wars movie. 

The song appears in Star Wars IV: A New Hope. You hear the song in the background when Luke Skywalker and C3P0 enter the Mos Eisley Catina. It was written by world re-known music composer John Williams

I learned a couple things while I was reading through much written material about this song. First, there is a whole back story about the band itself that you can read here. Second, this song shows you the jazz-side of John Williams. His father was a jazz musician and Williams himself is an accomplished jazz pianist as evidence of this recording. You can hear more of Williams' jazz influence in the movie Catch Me If You Can

If you can't get enough of Catina Band, there is a disco mash-up of the song that was made popular by Meco from the Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk album. There is also the Catina Band #2, which my 13-year-old daughter proudly pointed out was the song we were hearing when we ran through Main Street U.S.A. at Disneyland the other morning.

May the Force Be With You!