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Dear Apple, Family Sharing was Painful.

 My decal (Etsy) on my laptop.

My decal (Etsy) on my laptop.

My husband, MacSparky, recently wrote about why we are quitting Family Sharing. For the last several months, Family Sharing has been a hassle. I felt like there were extra hoops to jump through to create and update my playlist. It not a seamless experience. Updating my Apps that I had purchased myself or Apps that were shared by family members were not successful. I haven't been able to update Apps such as Instagram for months. Personally, Family Sharing was simply PAINFUL.

So we are giving up on Family Sharing. It's just not the right fit for my family. Relief is in sight soon. We've all negotiated which devices we have chosen to link to one family account. One of the things I am simply looking forward to is being able to access the entire Sparks eclectic family music library. I missed my Christmas playlists. It's fun being able to browse the thousands of songs we all share. Music is a big part of our family life.

Hoping for some extra pixie dust,