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Starbucks + Disneyland = A Magical 'You Are Here' Collection

My cousin and I share a love for Disney & Starbucks so he sent me this article the other day. I was excited to read that co-branded Starbucks and Disney Parks merchandise was finally arriving. It was even better knowing that I wouldn't have to wait months for it as the news and the actual arrival of the products happened within days of each other. 

I can confirm that you have to visit each of the respective Disneyland Parks and go to their Starbucks locations to purchase the 'You Are Here' collectible mug. 

 You Are Here mugs - Disneyland Parks (Anaheim, CA)

You Are Here mugs - Disneyland Parks (Anaheim, CA)

Both mugs have iconic landmarks that make up the Starbucks You Are Here collection scene scape.  I love how the Disneyland mug is that classic blue color that is so vintage Disneyland. Co-branded Starbucks/Disney Parks makes my coffee giddy.

There is a Starbucks Reserve location at Downtown Disney. It is a beautiful and big store. You can purchase an Orange County You Are Here mug to complete your collection. Sometimes they have San Diego, San Francisco mugs, too. I've even seen a Las Vegas You Are Here mug there. If you collect these, make sure to see what this particular location offers.

They actually have an exclusive acrylic tumbler only available at this Starbucks. There were also these recycled glass tumblers that my daughter and I purchased. That style is pretty popular right now. 



So I am so happy and grateful that co-branded Starbucks - Disneyland merchandise is now available. It is the two of the most successful brands coming together to create something special to commemorate a visit and/or celebrate two things people love, Disney and Starbucks. Up next on my wish list is that Starbucks comes out with the collectible ornament mugs for the holidays for Disney Parks. They only created 10 of them last year for the You Are Here collection. That means that 10 styles were only available as ornaments and could only be purchased at designated locations. My Starbucks tree could use a little Disney pixie dust.

Cheers to coffee with a little dose of Disney!