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Disneyland explored.

Disneyland 60th Logo Concept Art

There is so much buzz and excitement about Disneyland revealing the details of it's 60th Anniversary celebration later today. DisneyParks Blog will be live blogging the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration at 8 pm (PST) tonight. Use #Disneyland60 on social media platforms to see all angles and news from lucky Disneyland Annual Passholders who will be at the announcement event, too. 

Yesterday when I went to Disneyland, they had this huge jumbo screen. I was told that it is a temporary installment and just for the event tonight. It doesn't really fit into the theme of Main Street U.S.A. so I'm happy that it is not a permanent fixture for the Diamond Celebration.

I found this interesting page that had some concept art of the Diamond Celebration logo. I like how you can see some of the progression of what was presented and what came to be the 60th logo. The designs come from Designer and 3G CGI Artist, John Harwood

 Designs from John Harwood 

Designs from John Harwood 

I never really noticed the hidden Mickey under the diamond until I watched this video. Some really cool computer graphics at the end of the short video.

The Disneyland castle, known as Sleeping Beauty Castle, will take a little more time to get ready for its big party. The moat's been drained plus there are scaffolds and canvas drops in preparation for its 60th birthday dressing. We'll know more details by tonight and hope we also hear about a new parade, fireworks show and lots of Disneyland moments.

 Sleeping Beauty Castle - Jan 27, 2015

Sleeping Beauty Castle - Jan 27, 2015

The Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration is supposed to begin in May. Disneyland's official birthday is July 17th. 

Let the celebration begin!