Disneyland Explored

Disneyland explored.

Wednesday Words: Walt Disney on Doing It Well

Yesterday I read this article in Business Insider titled "How Disneyland is like Apple." I would argue the opposite and say that Apple is like Disneyland.

Walt Disney was a an inspiration and business model for many leaders like Steve Jobs. Walt was always exploring and pushing the envelope when it came to movie making and building a family theme park. There are books and classes about The Disney Way that teach this management style. Delivering a seamless guest experience has always been the blueprint of Disneyland's world-class customer service. 

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Walt was an innovator in business. He developed his brand and products to support it. He was always thinking about his next idea. I am not writing to compare two business leaders. You can read a great article about the Steve Jobs-Walt Disney connections HERE. A the end his life, Steve Jobs was the biggest stockholder in Disney. 

In response to the article mentioned, I think that Disney lead the way for companies such as Apple to do what they do. Brand and product quality are important for both companies. Apple was not the first to create an exclusive and seamless customer environment at their store fronts. Both Disneyland and Apple are proof that people are willing to pay the premium for a great product and customer experience.

Disneyland is celebrating 60 years this July. They've been delivering their product and customer experience for a long time. They continue to practice and innovate new customer experiences so people return. The Disneyland experience is one that is shared among families and across generations. Disneyland, it's The Original!