Disneyland Explored

Disneyland explored.

Happy 92, Walt Disney Studios!


Today marks the 92nd anniversary of the Walt Disney Studios. My family and I were lucky enough to have toured the Studios back in January. You can view photos and more info here:

My Visit, Part 1

Part 2 - Studio Lot

Part 3 - The Rotunda

Part 4 - Legends Plaza

It's still a working studio that continues to create content for television and film. If you've been watching the new Muppets television show, it's show at the Studios and you can get glimpses of the lot in some of the exterior scenes. 

Check out the video that was released today: 92 years in 92 Seconds. So many Disney movie scenes that are have been part of many moments in our lives. 

Happy 92nd Anniversary, Walt Disney Studios!