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Disneyland explored.

Shop Disney: Marvel Tees by Red Chapter at Disneyland

I saw these new Marvel shirts in Tomorrowland. It is by a company called Red Chapter. The tag reads "ONE OF A KIND REVERSIBLE CLOTHING." I asked a couple Cast Members about it but they didn't know what it meant.

I had to look up the company, Red Chapter, to figure out the what the label was all about. 

After watching this video by Red Chapter, it all made sense to me. Got it..AMBIGRAM t-shirts. The t-shirt designs are actually pretty cool when you figure it out. It was also great to learn that Red Chapter is a local company based in Los Angeles.

These Marvel tees by Red Chapter are available at D-Street at Downtown Disney and in Tomorrowland. I also noticed that you can directly purchase these online from Red Chapter. They have the entire collection available in both mens and ladies designs and sizes. Perfect timing for those Marvel fans on your holiday shopping list. 

Happy Shopping,