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Disneyland explored.

Shop Disney: Little Golden Books

I try to pick up a Disney Little Golden Books whenever a new movie comes out. They usually have some great art to go with it and they are pretty reasonably priced. Plus, they don't take up too much room. Looking at the Golden Book spines make me happy.

Then this new Golden Book came out. I couldn't resist.

It's kind of fun, funny, and has a bit of truth to it. Here is a preview of the humorous book.

At the D23 Expo this year, they released a Star Wars movie collection. I had to pick these up for my Star Wars loving family. The artwork in this particular collection compliments the Little Golden Book brand. I also picked up another set to gift to my nephew for his 5th birthday. I figured we could read the books together and start his Star Wars education.

Also at the D23 Expo, they re-released a classic book, Walt Disney's Little Man of Disneyland. Originally released in 1955 as a way to introduce Disneyland to boys and girls, it tells of the story of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck meeting little Patrick Begorra. The "little man" had been living on the land that was now going to become Disneyland. He agrees to let them build Disneyland as long as he can live in the Park in a new house.

So when you visit Disneyland, know that there is a permanent resident who makes his home somewhere in the Park. I've found his home but Patrick seems to never be home. I don't want to disturb him if he isn't expecting company, too. I'm sharing his home so you know to be kind and considerate to the Little Man of Disneyland. 

 Patrick Begorra's home - Disneyland. 

Patrick Begorra's home - Disneyland. 

 Here's a hint to finding Peter's tree. 

Here's a hint to finding Peter's tree. 

Although Barnes & Noble carries them at their store, the best place that I found the biggest selection of Disney Golden Books is on Amazon. Funny that they don't even sell this particular book, Little Man of Disneyland, at Disneyland. 

You can pre-order new titles on Amazon. I noticed that they just came out with The Good Dinosaur available. Looks like there is a re-release of the 1964 Mary Poppins book with an undated cover. 

Happy Reading!