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My Visit to Club 33: Part 1 - Main Dining Room

This is Part 1 of 3 articles that I am writing about my dining experience at Disneyland's Club 33. 

Most Disneyland visitors and Cast Members, too, are unaware that there is secret dining area inside the Park. Diehard Disneyland fans dream of getting a chance to enter these secret doors. Club 33 will always hold a special place in my heart since it is the place where I was engaged.  

The other day, my friend send me a text to see if I was available for a special dining experience at Disneyland. Yes, please. Within 15 minutes, he let me know that we had a lunch date at Club 33. I had not been there since the big renovation and expansion so I was very exited about our reservations.

Located in the New Orleans Square, Club 33 is simply named for the address it is located at. There is a new grand entrance to Club 33. The old door remains in its location. It remains a hidden (or not so hidden) treasure. The new door is bigger and doorbell is more fancy. It features their new logo.

Upon entering, we were shown to a wait area referred to as the Court of Angels. This area used to be accessible to all Guests. It always provided a great photo opportunity and was never too crowded either. It used to be decorated seasonally and sometimes there were character Meet & Greets in this particular location. Here are a couple photos of what it used to look like. 

One of the reasons that the Club took this area over is that there was never a wait area for Club Guests. The area makes sense for this elusive club. A new faux stain glass gate was erected to close the area to the general public. The space is now an intimate patio area as it creates a special waiting area for Club Guests. A new elevator was also installed in order to be compliant with ADA guidelines. It was nice to see this area again and take some of these photos.

Located on the 2nd floor, we had a choice to either walk up using the beautiful staircase or check out the new elevator. Fancy Elevator, please? 

When we arrived on the 2nd floor, the doors opened into a beautiful foyer. The first thing we noticed was the beautiful wood floors and the merchandise display. 

The Club decor is definitely lighter as opposed to dark, like a traditional men's club. Some would describe as a mixture of Victorian, Rococo and "Salon Nouveau." Look at this chandelier. Gotta love the Club 33 detail.

There are many items that were iconic in the Club before the renovation. It is good to see that they remain. 

Probably a couple of the most well-known Club 33 pieces of furniture is this phone booth and table. The phone booth was used in the movie, The Happiest Millionaire. The table was seen in many scenes in Mary Poppins as it was used in the Banks home. Here are a couple pictures of these pieces before and after the renovation. 

As a Cast Member led us to the main dining area, she pointed out these hand painted murals. Apparently, they had discovered these paintings that had been intended for the Club but we're too large to fit into the old design. They had a an artist recreate the paintings and now they are these beautifully themed murals located in this grand hallway.

We were one of the first parties that day to enter the Club. It was great to take some of these photos without very few Guests inside this main dining area.

I'll be back in a couple days for Part 2, Club 33 menu, food and drinks. 


- Daisy

PS: You have to be a member or be invited by a member to enter through the secret doors. You can go to this unofficial site to find out more about Club 33