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My Visit to SEASON of THE FORCE at Disneyland - Part 1

The SEASON of THE FORCE has arrived at Disneyland. The Disney Parks Blog described this new offering as a way "to celebrate the excitement around all things Star Wars with brand-new themed experiences. Guests in Tomorrowland at Disneyland park in Southern California will soon be able to experience their favorite Star Wars stories when Season of the Force begins November 16."

When you enter Tomorrowland, right away you are see signs that Star Wars has arrived. There are banners strung along the former Rocket Rods track to note that there is a Light Side and Dark Side.

SEASON OF THE FORCE can be experienced in three ways: Attractions, Food, Merchandise offerings. Then there is STAR LAUNCH BAY.


STAR TOURS - THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES: There is a new destination that await Star Tour Travelers. If anything, you are one of the first to experience some of the new Star Wars footage in 3D. You'll get see some of the new Star Wars characters who come along for the ride. 

My family loved Star Tours anyways so to experience some new adventures that includes the new movie was awesome! 

 New Star Tours poster that you can view upon entering through the Main Street tunnels. 

New Star Tours poster that you can view upon entering through the Main Street tunnels.

TOMORROWLAND THEATER: Formerly the Magic Eye Theater that hosted Disney movie previews, you can now take a seat and view some selected scenes from Star Wars Episodes 4,5, and 6 so that you are ready to view The Force Awakens. It is not in 3D. The Tomorrowland Theater floor does move and shake during certain scenes but it just feels like a cheesy afterthought. Either way, what Star Wars fan wouldn't love to see any Star Wars footage in a large screen and have great sound.

If you are not so much a Star Wars fan or need to remember what happened, the "Path of the Jedi" is a good way to be ready to view The Force Awakens. I heard several people remark as we exited that they felt like they got a good synopsis of the events that make up the Star Wars universe and are excited to see the new movie. If you are a Star Wars fan, you'll love it and get even more excited about December 18th. 

HYPERSPACE MOUNTAIN: Space Mountain has been transformed into a Star Wars universe. It's pretty cool to hear the sounds of Star Wars and experience Hyperspace as you join an X-Wing squadron. The projections include TIE fighters flying towards you and other X-Wing pilots flying besides you.


First, let's be honest, food is not on the top of the list when you think of experiencing the world of Star Wars. So just consider the food offering with a Star Wars theme as a fun way to present food options in a themed area. There are two quick service restaurants in Tomorrowland. 

TOMORROWLAND TERRACE has been transformed into the GALACTIC GRILL. It still has burgers and sandwiches but with Star Wars names. There is also items from The Light Side and The Dark Side. You can purchase a Chewbacca Mug, a Han Solo bucket and either a Millennium Falcon or Death Star light-up ice cube. There are a couple of dessert options, like "Darth by Chocolate." If you get here early enough, you can also experience their breakfast menu which features a Darth Tamale and Bantha Blue Milk Bread.

RED ROCKETT'S PIZZA PORT: You can still get your favorite pastas and salads here but now there are additional Star Wars themed dishes. This is where you can also purchase a very cool BB8 sipper mug. 


THE STAR TRADER: This is store where Star Tours exits from. During the Season of the Force, it is now completely Star Wars themed merchandise. There is no more generic Disneyland souvenirs available here. There is high end stuff products, Disney Parks Star Wars merchandise, and just lots of Star Wars stuff. You can still build your on light saber. There are Star Wars pajamas for both kids and adults. It is the best place to find the most variety and fashionable apparel. You can find a variety of Loungefly, Junk Food and Her Universe branded Star Wars merchandise. Books, tech stuff, and art work is also available at The Star Trader

 The Star Trader 

The Star Trader 

Take some time to look around the store and take note of their decor. There are some fun props and projections. The cash wraps are also themed as well as the fixtures. The details are always interesting. 

TOMORROWLANDING: You might miss this tiny store since it is kind of hidden. Tomorrowlanding is located underneath the former Rocket Rodd's attraction. You can find some Star Wars themed leather bands that can be personalized.

It is very small but it the place where you can buy these fun personalized Star Tours and Star Wars name tags. You have to choose what title you want and then your name. They have these machines that print out your name in Aurebesh. There is a limit of 11 letters and they will ask you for a legal given name. 

Finally, I haven't even talked about Star Wars Launch Bay. That is the main attraction in the Season of the Force offering. Stay tuned for my Thursday post for Part 2. There was so much to see in this building that I had to dedicate a separate blog post. 

May the Force Be With You!