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Music Monday: We Love Disney by Verve ( My Review)

I started hearing about this new Disney compilation album over the summer called "We Love Disney." It is produced by David Foster and has the Verve Music Group label on it. Foster and Verve teamed up to work with Walt Disney Records to gather some talented recording artists to cover classic Disney songs. 

The entire collaboration with Foster, Verve and Walt Disney Records was already interesting to me. Foster is a celebrated music producer while Verve has been around since 1956 and is most known for its vast jazz catalog. When I read the list of artists and songs, I was sold. 

I've been listening to this new album since it was released last week. WOW! It is fabulous! The arrangements for most of the Disney songs are pretty familiar. However, it is the performance of the diverse group of artists that I was surprised with. I was pleasantly surprised by most of songs. After seeing this promo video, it also made sense to me as to why the songs performed by the particular artist were so good. 

Listening to the artists talk about why they chose their Disney song makes you appreciate their performance. Here is the song list and my quick and short thoughts about them:

  • NE-YO "Friend Like Me" (Aladdin): So much energy. You'll be dancing and smiling to this uplifting song. 
  • Jessie J "Part of Your World "(The Little Mermaid): So thrilled to hear how great and powerful Jessie J's vocals are. 
  • Jason Derulo "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" (The Lion King): It has the familiar arrangement and it is epic. 
  • Gwen Stefani "The Rainbow Connection" (The Muppet Movie): LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Gwen's voice is so lovely in her rendition of one of my favorite songs. 
  • Ariana Grande "Zero To Hero" (Hercules): Amen, Ariana! So very soulful. She does an awesome job singing with the flair and passion that this song needs. You'll want to put your hands up in the air.
  • Jhené Aiko "In a World of My Own/Very Good Advice" (Alice in Wonderland): Hauntingly beautiful with vocals by Aiko. It has a really cool jazz vibe to it. 
  • Fall Out Boy "I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)" (The Jungle Book): I could listen to this in repeat mode. I was blown away and totally captivated by this rendition. Who knew Pete could scat like that!
  • Tori Kelly "Colors of the Wind" (Pocahontas): Strong vocals to a beautiful song. 
  • Kacey Musgraves "A Spoonful of Sugar" (Mary Poppins): Interesting. I had to listen to it once but I have to admit, it is not my particular taste in music and I could only make it halfway through the song. I am sure others will love it but it is just not my preference.
  • Charles Perry "Ev'rybody Wants To Be a Cat" (The Aristocats): Classic arrangement with great vocals. You'll be stomping along in the end. 
  • Jessie Ware "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" (Cinderella): So pretty. It is a lovely and classic version with a full orchestra behind her. 
  • Lucy Hale & Rascal Flatts "Let It Go" (Frozen): I have to admit that I have a little Frozen fatigue but this particular arrangement with a female and male duet was kind of refreshing. I won't listen to it often but it's a great alternative to the more familiar version.
  • Various Artists "It's a Small World": I really thought this arrangement sung by all the artists on this album was an awesome alternative to what you might be used to hearing. Although the arrangement has mostly been unchanged, each of the artist bring their own sound to their part which adds some great flavor to a song that can be repetitive. You'll be pleasantly surprised and will be able to listen to it from beginning to end. 

BONUS tracks on DELUXE Version:

  • Brenna Whitaker “It's Not Easy Being Green” (The Muppet Show): After a couple verses, you'll forget that this is a song from The Muppets. Whitaker's vocals and this arrangement will seduce you to think that this is some kind of classic jazz standard.
  • Yuna “A Whole New World” (Aladdin): Have you seen this commercial for Disney's Aulani? If you fell in love with this version, now you can download and enjoy the entire song. The new album is almost worth it for this alone. Yuna has indie-pop vibe to her vocals and it's so soothing to listen to. 

I really enjoyed listening to these artist sing these classic Disney songs. The music arrangements weren't changed too much so you can really hear the great vocals most of these singers possess. It was a treat to hear some of the artist sing something a little different and in a different tempo than maybe what you would normally hear them sing. 

Our Disney music catalog has been shaped with composers like the Sherman Brothers and Alan Menken. They wrote the songs that are part of our childhood or teen years. We Love Disney is a wonderful compilation from a diverse group of artists covering their favorite Disney song.  I can't say enough about it except go downloand or buy it...the Deluxe version, too.

I hope Disney Mania is the past and that this new collaboration with David Foster, Verve and Walt Disney Records brings us more Disney classic songs sung by diverse and eclectic international artists. 

Happy Music Monday!