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Disneyland explored.

12 Days of Disney Christmas: Day 10 (MM Ornaments)

My Mickey Mouse Ornaments

I have plenty of different kinds of Mickey Mouse ornaments on my Christmas tree. Don't you think that is true of most Disney fans? There are so many out there.  I only get the ones that I really like or ones that have a special memory with it. Here are most of my Mickey Mouse ornaments. 

 Radko - Glass Ornament

Radko - Glass Ornament

 Walt Disney World Exclusive - Glass Ornament

Walt Disney World Exclusive - Glass Ornament

This Mickey Mouse graduate ornament was one I bought to commemorate my daughter's graduation. Someone else gave her the blown glass diploma so I try to keep them together on the Christmas tree.

These next Mickey Mouse ornaments are from Hallmark Keepsake collection, Mickey’s Movie Mouseterpieces series.

This next Mickey Mouse ornament is one that I purchased from the Walt Disney Studios. It helps me to remember my visit and how much my family and I enjoyed our tour.

This next ornament is one I bought maybe 20 years ago. It is resin and a bit heavy. I think that Santa's sack with a little Mickey Mouse ready to find a home is so cute. 

MM Ornaments 13.jpg

These next set of ornaments have a Mickey Mouse shape. They commemorate the Disneyland 60th Celebration. There are currently many anniversary ornaments available but I decided that I wanted to the more elaborate and fancy 60th ornaments. After all, Disneyland only turns 60 once. 

Finally, I have this very old Mickey Mouse vintage looking ornament. It is very special in that it used to belong to my mother-in-law. My husband says that it was always on their Christmas tree when he was growing up. His mom cut out the felt ears to replace the worn ones. I don't know what the original looked like but I just love this ornament for all the sentimental reasons.

Merry Christ-Mouse!