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12 Days of Disney Christmas: Day 3 - Stocking Holders

12 Days of Disney Christmas: Day 3

Christmas Stocking Holders

 12 Days of Disney Christmas: Day 3 - Christmas Stocking Holders

12 Days of Disney Christmas: Day 3 - Christmas Stocking Holders

 Mantle design by MacSparky

Mantle design by MacSparky

These are our Christmas stocking holders. We finally added this mantle over our fireplace a couple years ago with these in mind. They are very heavy so my husband, MacSparky, designed the ledge to be sturdy enough to hold these. 

MacSparky and I have had our stocking holders since 1993, the year we got married. I got him this very detailed Mickey Mouse stocking holder which I purchased at Disneyland. It has all kinds of fun elements all the way around that include the small Alice in Wonderland doll to the present with the gift tag addressed to Minnie Mouse. 

My stocking holder was the perfect one for me. I have this awesome handmade watch cabinet that MacSparky made me so it kind of ties in. It compliments my watch collection. My stocking holder coordinates with this timepiece ornament that hangs on my Disney watch cabinet. The vintage pie-eye Mickey Mouse that sits at the top of the stocking holder is such a classic image. I can't remember where I bought this but it's 22 years old and looks great on my mantle. 

When my daughter was born, I purchased this Winnie the Pooh stocking holder from the Disney Store. You don't see this detail right away but Piglet is behind Pooh holding onto him. It's a very fun design to look like Pooh and Piglet are being strong to hold up what my daughter hopes will always be a full Christmas stocking. 

Finally, this next Mickey Mouse stocking holder was something that my youngest daughter purchased last year. We had been never been happy with her stocking holder so this was a great replacement. The design is great as it is the most sturdy and stable of all the stocking holders we have. The gold Mickey Mouse shaped base holds both Mickey and his vintage style ornament. It's fun to see him peaking from behind it as if he is up to something. 

I'll show you our actual Christmas stockings tomorrow. I have a funny story about them as they were all bought at different times but all coordinate.

Happy Christmas!