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Disneyland explored.

12 Days of Disney Christmas: Day 6

Disney Christmas Village Buildings

We've had a Christmas village since our kids were small. We don't have a specific collection. We have enjoyed finding specific buildings and figures that represent some of our hobbies or moments in our life adventures. 

Two specific village buildings we have are the Disneyland Fire Dept and the Disneyland Emporium.

In the early 1990's, Department 56 released a Disney Parks Village Series. There was this Disneyland Fire Dept and figures. There were several Walt Disney World buildings. This series has been retired but if you do a search on eBay, you can still find them and they are not too unreasonable. 

When I first bought the Fire Dept, I was working on Main Street. I had to have it as a great addition for our Christmas village and since it was sentimental to me. It is such an iconic building on Main Street USA.

When I started working at Disneyland, they placed me at Main Street Merchandise. I spent many hours working at the Disneyland Emporium. Abut 5 years ago, this building was produced so I had to have it. I love how Minnie Mouse is at the entrance holding all her wrapped packages. She looks excited to deliver them to her special friends.

Yesterday I posted about my new Walt Disney Partners ornament and Disneyland 60th castle. These two pieces inspired us as to how we would build and arrange our Christmas village this year. With the 60th Celebration we thought, "Why not?" create our own Main Street scene for our Christmas village. I had two buildings, the Disneyland Fire Dept and Emporium, so I set those in its proper configuration.

We didn't put out most of the houses that we actually have in order to create our Main Street scene. We usually have several tiers but had to change our landscape in order to make the Disneyland 60th Castle the focal point.

t's the most simple Christmas village that we've ever put together and most fun, too.

Wishing you lots of merry!