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Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough - Disneyland

Did you know that you can walk inside Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland? Don't you want to know what's inside? It is pretty narrow inside but you are able to go inside.

You can find my photo journal and recent visit to the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough over at DisneyAvenue. It's my guest post every other Thursday called, "A Walk Through the Park: Disneyland Edition". 

There are a couple more things to see in the back area of the Sleeping Beauty Castle area. For example, look for this lovely bronze statuette of Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philip. Fun picture spot, too. I love the fairies around her dress. They are ready to change the color of Sleeping Beauty's dress. 


If you look towards the middle of the castle walkway, you'll see this ornate chandelier clock. Most people miss it. Despite all the rumors and fan lore, Disney Parks recently confirmed that the clock has simply has never worked since its installment in 1966.

Not too far under the chandelier clock, you'll find a marker on the ground. There is even more rumors and lore around this "golden spike". The most popular story is that it marks the center of Disneyland (before Toontown was built). Someone even wrote up a "mythbuster-type" analysis. Some say it marks the centerline of Main Street, USA. I personally think it is a survey marker. There are actually lots of survey markers all around Disneyland as proven at this website

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