Disneyland Explored

Disneyland explored.

Cinderella Movie Props at the El Captain Theater

I finally went to see the new Disney Live-Action movie, Cinderella, last week. My older daughter has now seen it 3 times since the movie came it. We both loved the movie, especially how it was produced, the actors in it, and the costumes.

Over at the El Captain Theater in Hollywood, you can view some of the actual movie props and costumes that were used in the movie. You can actually pay $5.00 just to walk in to see the Cinderella display. My daughter couldn't resist and these are the photos she took to share with you.

Here is Cinderella's dress as worn by Lily James. It is so full. The color does not photograph well. Do you see blue or white? In the movie, the dress is so vibrant blue due to all the magical things that they can do to a movie. Check out THIS POST to read some other details about this particular dress. 

Here are some props that were on display that includes the famous glass slipper. 

Finally, I thought it was fun to see these sketches and actual costumes that were worn by the actors.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, make sure to take some time to enjoy it in a movie theater. It's simply a beautiful movie on the big screen. The father-child relationships depicted between Cinderella and her dad, and the Prince (Kit) and his dad are great story lines explored with heartfelt moments. 

Wishing you a magical day,