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Music Mondays: Let's Get Together....

...Yeah, Yeah. Yeah!

A couple weeks ago, my kids and a close friend had a robust discussion about one of their favorite Disney films, The Parent Trap. There was lots of talk about each version (1961 & 1998) but how can you not think of this song when someone talks about either The Parent Trap movie.

"Come on let's compromise. You give a little, I'll give a little. Come on, let's get together..."

The song, Let's Get Together, was written by The Sherman Brothers (Robert and Richard). This version actually debuted on Billboard 100 (September 1961) and had a good run making its way into the top 10. There was also a pop version recorder by Annette Funicello and Tommy Sands. In the !998 remake of The Parent Trap, Haley (played by Lindsay Lohan), can be heard humming the song as she walks into the hotel elevator. In Disney Mania 5, the band, the Go-Go's  cover this song

It's a fun song to start off the new week. 

Happy Music Monday!