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Music Monday: Learn Me Right (Brave)

I discovered two things over the weekend. First, Merida, the heroine from BRAVE, is the only Disney princess who does not sing a song in a Disney movie. Second, the British band Mumford & Sons, is releasing a new album in May. I just thought it was fun that these two things I learned are somehow connected to each other.

Mumford & Sons wrote the song Learn Me Right for Brave. It is sung by another British artist known as BirdyYou hear the song during the closing credits of the movie. Mumford & Sons actually reworked this particular song for their Grammy winning album, Babel, and released it as Not With Haste. It sounds almost the same but with different lyrics. 

There is one more thing I learned about the music from Brave and that is that most of the score was composed by Patrick Doyle. He is an accomplished composer who usually collaborates with actor and director, Kenneth Branagh. Have you made another Disney connection yet? Branagh is the director for the new live-action Disney movie, Cinderella, that comes out in the theater this weekend. Doyle composed the music for this new movie. 

To start your week, I'll leave with these lyrics from Learn Me Right:

We will be who we are
And they’ll heal our scars 
Sadness will be far away

Happy Music Monday!