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My Day at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - April 2015

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A couple weeks ago, my husband (MacSparky), daughter #2 and I were able to attend the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim (SWCA). My two Jedi's were so giddy. It is and continues to be heartwarming to watch these two strengthen their father and daughter bond with their shared love of the Star Wars universe. It was really amazing to see that it was not only my husband and daughter at this epic gathering, but many fathers and daughters who were in attendance experiencing the same joy. 

Walking towards the Anaheim Convention Center was already a fun experience. Seeing everyone go all out in their Star Wars gear made me realize I was in for an awesome day. How could you not smile when we walked behind these Merry Siths. 

merry siths.jpg

Fans all brought their game when it came to their attire. I wouldn't even call them costumes since there was so much love poured into the whole package. Character/movie mashups were everywhere, too. Here's a small sampling of what I saw on the SWCA.

There were plenty of exhibits on to view. The must see was The Force Awakens where there were costumes and props from the upcoming movie. The wait was long but worth it. You can check out MacSparky's post to view some of the great photos. The one thing that stood out for me was the use of 3D printers to create some of props. Technology and film making can always good together. 

Here's a gallery of more things I saw on the Celebration

Another interesting room we were able to visit was the R2 Builders area. A gathering of R2 builders showing off their creations? Let us see.

These next set of photos really is evidence that the Star Wars fans totally get each other. NERD NITE SPEED DATING at this event totally makes sense. How great would it be to meet someone who understands and shares your passion. This is a popular event and has been known to be the place where many relationships have begun. 

 photo from SWCA

photo from SWCA

We were able to sit in one of the many interesting panels that were going on that day. We attended "Rebel Women Who Fought the Clone Wars" that featured line producer Athena Portillo, creative executive Rayne Roberts, production manager Liz Marshall, and senior concept designer Amy Beth Christenson from Lucasfilm. Dave Filoni stepped in to moderate the panel. From his questions, we all learned their stories of how they go to their current role. We got some insight into how their processes work. It was an awesome hour where we learned that these are the major players, all women, behind the success of Star Wars Rebels. They shared some artwork and also got us all excited about things coming to Star Wars Rebels. It was really a great session for anyone interested in film making and production work.

I got to meet Jason Swank, one the hosts of Rebel Force Radio. He hosted a variety of panels during the Celebration. He's got a pretty awesome job for being a Star Wars fan. If you want to find a great Star Wars podcast for fans, by fans, I would recommend checking out the Rebel Force Radio podcast. 

At the end of the Celebration, they announced that next year would be Star Wars Celebration Europe (London). The VIP tickets sold out in the first day they opened up registration. If it ever comes your way or have a chance to attend one of these Celebrations, I would totally plan to go. It's really an experience. 

My two Jedi's can't stop talking about it their day at the Star Wars Celebration. It definitely strengthened their Star Wars bond. We all made new friends, got some fun stuff, and made awesome memories. We are so excited about Star Wars Episode VII, The Force Awakens. We have plans for the midnight showing where we hope to see many of our Star Wars friends come out in full force. My daughter remarked: "That will be the first Star Wars movie I will see on the big screen." It made me realize that she has only experience the Star Wars movies via DVD and at home. She's only 13.. a Jedi in training. 

May the Force Be With You!