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Album Art from The Legacy Collection: Disneyland by Lorelay Bove

Last night I attended a Disneyland Annual Passholder Event (more to come later). As we exited the Park, we were all given this lithograph.

I liked that it is the size of an album cover (12 x12). It will be fun to frame. The art is whimsical. It was designed by artist, Lorelay Bove. Bove is an artist at Walt Disney Animation. She was recently featured in a Variety post: 10 Animators to Watch Illustrated.  Her work reminds me a little of Mary Blair's 1950 work in Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland.

Here is the only information we were given about this lithograph.

This morning, a friend sent me THIS information. According to that link, there will be a new Legacy Collection released to coincide with Disneyland's 60th Diamond Celebration. It is supposed to be released May 20th exclusively at Disneyland. This date is also two days away from the official kick-off of the Celebration (May 22nd). The big discrepancy with the news release and the above information from the Disneyland event is the May 6th release date. I am going to believe the press release but will be excited if the Disneyland flyer is correct. Either way, I am looking forward to The Legacy Collection Disneyland nd appreciative that I have its album art.

Do you have a favorite song from the Disneyland Parks?