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Disneyland explored.

Share a Coke Bottles exclusive to Disney Parks

The SHARE A COKE campaign was so popular that it's back. Spotted these fun Coca-Cola bottles at Disneyland over the weekend.

Apparently there won't be any Disney character ones. I get it, but it would have been fun to buy one that says "share a coke" with Goofy, or Donald, etc..." Disney characters don't drink that stuff, right? The Coke bottles available are HERO (regular Coke), SUPERSTAR (Diet Coke) and PIRATE (Coke Zero). According to this article, these will be exclusive to Disney Parks

You can go over on this website and actually order a personalized one if you want ($5 a bottle). See personalized stuff has always been a tough for me because there was never any souvenir stuff with the name "DAISY when I was growing up. I have a dear friend who knows my perference for Coke and she gave me my own Share a Coke mini can last year.

Coca Cola and Disney have had a long partnership. The Coke and Disney are two of the most internationally recognized logos in the world. Two iconic brands that always bring a smile.