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Disneyland explored.

A Weekly Disneyland Annual Passholder Treat: Wednesday's with Walt

Late last year, Disneyland announced that they would have a weekly special treat for Disneyland Annual Passholders:

"Every Wednesday—for a limited time—Annual Passholders will get a chance to step into the Opera House at Town Square, Main Street, U.S.A. and get a unique glimpse into the creative genius of Walt while enjoying highlights from the Disneyland television series."

These weekly events take place at the Disneyland Opera House. It's the perfect venue to view some classic Disneyland clips. There are three showings. There are weekly regulars who have been able to see selected reels of "Disneyland" television series. Most people refer to them as "Wonderful World of Disney."

I haven't been to hardly any since it is just one of the days of the week where I need to drive my "mommy van" and gets to and from after school activities. I did make it to one yesterday and it was a good one. 

Goofy is probably one of the most popular Disney characters. One of the things that makes the character come alive is the voice behind him. We were all pleasantly surprised when Bill Farmer made an appearance and spoke about his Goofy journey. 

Bill Farmer.jpg

Farmer has been providing the voice of Goofy for 30 years. He spoke about how he got his job, shared some stories and answered questions. He was a comedian who did a lot of impersonations. He told us that during his teens, he would try out different voices at the drive thru. How funny is that? He practiced how to voice Goofy, auditioned, and got his most favorite job. 

The school year and all extra-curricular activities are winding down. I hope I get a couple more of these Wednesdays with Walt events. I've really enjoyed the several that I have been to. 

On a final note, the news, the web, bloggers, and everyone in Southern California is buzzing with excitement about the official beginning of Disneyland's Diamond Celebration. This Friday, Disneyland Park is hosting a 24-hr event. I think all the decor is finally up. The banners are up, all the 60th merchandise is available, and the diamonds are sparkling.

 See the diamond in Mickey's bow tie?

See the diamond in Mickey's bow tie?

We are going to brave it and go for it. Why not be part of Disneyland history when they unveil a new night parade and fireworks show? We are gonna make some family memories.

Disneyland Forever!