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Music Mondays: Reflections from Mulan

I asked daughter #2 what is one of her favorite Disney movie songs and she told me "Reflections" from Mulan. It is a very pretty song and it is a good choice for this time of year. With the school year ending it always reminds me of how fast things go. All of a sudden your kids are done with another grade, a school or maybe even graduating. It is time for some reflection. 

"Reflections" was written by Matthew Wilder and David Zippel for the 1998 movie, Mulan. Lea Salonga, the singing voice of Mulan, was the perfect choice to sing this hauntingly beautiful song. In the movie, Mulan sings this song after she fails at the matchmaking attempt of her parents. The lyrics express how she feels about hiding who she is, pretending to be who she is not in order to meet her family's expectations. The song is just the beginning of her journey. 

In 1998, the song received nominations for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song  and Best Original Score (Academy Awards). This song has been covered by many artists including a Mannheim Steamroller. For me, there is no better version that the original sung by Lea Salonga. 

Reflections is closely associated with Lea Salonga. It is one of the reasons why Lea was named a Disney Legend in 2011. There was also a pop version released that was sung by Christina Aguilera. This song would help Aguilera make her debut onto the Billboard Charts in 1998.  This song was the beginning of her (Aguilera) journey, too. 

Happy Music Monday!