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Music Mondays: In Summer (from Frozen)

My youngest daughter loves to belt out this song simply called In Summer from Frozen. It's actually her favorite song form the movie. I think because it's kinda silly when it is sung by a snowman who yearns to experience summer. The way that Josh Gad sang it in his character also makes it memorable. It's the song that endears Olaf to you. 

There are several fun trivia notes about this particular song:

  • There is a tribute to Mary Poppins when Olaf dances with seagulls that is reminiscent of the scene of Bert dancing with penguins. 
  • When Olaf sings the line "a drink in my hand," note that the ice cubes in his drink are shaped like Olaf himself.
  • Everything that Olaf sings about are activities that will surely melt him faster. 

My daughter appreciates the irony in the song. She insists on signing just like Josh Gad does. I think that is half the fun. Who can't love a snowman who is so excited to experience a season like summer?

Happy Music Monday!