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Music Mondays: What Time is It? (Summer Time)

My kids finished their school year last week and they always hum a particular Disney tune: What Time Is It from High School Musical 2. My kids grew up with the High School Musical movies so it makes their way into conversations, life references and many laughs. My kids are 5 years apart so it is nice for them to have something they can enjoy together. They watched these movies over, over, and over again. They know the dance moves with the songs. I confess that MacSparky and I can hum some of the songs (and do some dance moves), too. 

What Time Is It is the first song you hear in the movie. There is a countdown to the last minutes until the final bell for the school year and then the cast yells "What time is it? Summer Time!" as they burst out in singing this musical number.

The song was written by Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil. It captures all the excitement and feelings kids have about looking forward to summer vacation. Both the song and its musical number is iconic for many fans who grew up with the High School Musical series.

Last week, when my kids were counting down their last days of school, they would keep looking at each and ask "What Time Is It?" As we start a new week, my kids can now gleefully yell that it is "SUMMER TIME!"

Happy Music Monday!