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Music Mondays: Fantasmic!

One of the best-ever night-time entertainment shows Disneyland has ever produced is Fantasmic! I was still working at Disneyland in 1993 and remember going to the Cast Member preview event for this night time fireworks spectacular. It was thrilling, exciting and something I had never seen before. When the Rivers of America come to life with music, fireworks and Disney characters, it is magical! 

One of the elements that really being the show to life is the Fantasmic! score written by Bruce Healey. It's a type of anthem or fanfare that is pretty catchy when you here it. It is the perfect fireworks song. Whenever I hear it, I think of all the magic that happens at Disneyland during the evening. The shows, fireworks, parades and lights make Disneyland come alive at night. 


If you want to read an good article about Bruce Healey, check out this post from Disney Examiner. If you want to read a little more about some great behind-the-scenes about the Fantasmic! show, go to this post from D23 featuring Barnette Ricci who was the original show director. 

"See it... in your mind, and you will find, in your imagination... mysteries and magic, visions fantastic, leading to strange and wondrous dreams. Dreams, of make believe, but will they all come true..."

If you want to hear a pretty and mellow version of Fantasmic!, check out this piano solo from Tom Ameen

Happy Music Monday!