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Music Mondays: Disneyland (from Smile)

I heard this song at the end of World of Color the other week and had to find out more about it. Here's what I discovered.

"Disneyland" is a song written by Marvin Hamlish with lyrics by Howard Ashman for a musical called Smile in 1983. The first person to sing it was Jodi Benson (the voice of Ariel and Disney Legend). How interesting is that? Ashman would later write the lyrics for Little Mermaid (1989) and Benson would be the one to sing in the Disney classic movie.

The musical, Smile, was not well received and closed soon after it opened with only 48 performances on record. There was not even a cast record so the songs from this musical are not well documented. However, I was obsessed in finding a recording. There were some on YouTube and I did managed to find an out of circulation CD compilation that contained this particular song sung by Jodi Benson. I was also able to easily locate and purchase the sheet music.

 Purchased on

Purchased on

 sheet music available at

sheet music available at

After looking at the lyrics and hearing the original Disneyland song, it seems that the words were changed a bit for the World of Color encore finale. You have to stick around to hear the World of Color version. It comes on way after the show is over and plays as most people have left the show area. Here is my short video so you can hear the current version. 

Here are some the original lyrics from the musical:

Someone give me
Take me there!
To Disneyland
And when I get to Disneyland
I'll stay

I do like the way the lyrics were altered a bit. It goes perfect with the current World of Color show which is officially called "World of Color – Celebrate! The Wonderful World of Walt Disney".

"I believe in Disneyland!"