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On a Mission: App Camp For Girls

Hello from Portland!

I am volunteering at App Camp For Girls. This camp is a week long adventure for jr. high girls to learn about "designing and building apps while learning more about the business of software and being inspired by women mentors in the field." They refer to the participants as "developers" vs. "campers." By the end of this week, the young developers will have built a quiz test (app) and present their app to a panel for feedback (like 'guppy bowl' instead of 'shark tank').

It's a pretty great concept. Coding is only going to get bigger as more businesses will need and demand this skills from their workforce. Exposing girls to this software and tech world and showing them what opportunities are out there is a worth planting a seed to bloom in the future. I feel that it App Camp for Girls is such a fabulous and worthy program that I am volunteering this week so I can see how it all works in hopes to bring this program to Orange County (CA) by next summer.

If you are looking for more information, please visit the App Camp for Girls website. You can support them through donations, interest in their future camps, or volunteer your time to help at on of the future camps. You can also support them by downloading their App Camp Quiz Compendium. It has quizzes that were created by past camp project teams. It's only 99 cents in the App Store

Thanks for reading this particular post. If you know someone who should read this or is interested in App Camp For Girls as a donor, participant or volunteer, please feel free to share this post. 

Happy Thursday!