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What's up with this Exploding Kittens game? (Review)

Billed as the most successful Kickstarter game project, EXPLODING KITTENS, is a crazy, zany fun game to play with your family and friends. It is described as "a highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette." The creators of this game were hoping to sell 500. They ended up with over 460,000 copies being ordered by very enthusiastic backers. 

First, the packaging is cool. It comes in a small bright blue box that can't be missed. Apparently my neighbors got one because their blue box of Exploding Kittens was accidentally left in our mailbox (we have nicknamed our assigned postal employee, NEUMAN, several years ago. He does not (or does) disappoint). I can only imagine what our local post office looked like when cases of these arrived to their area for delivery.

 Two versions of game: Original and NSFW option.

Two versions of game: Original and NSFW option.

MacSparky was so enthralled by the concept and game that he ordered two decks: the original and NSFW version. They arrived in the same package. The letter that arrived with our blue box was just as entertaining as the game.

 Contents of backer letter enclosed with package. 

Contents of backer letter enclosed with package. 

The game simply consists of very entertaining, clever and original card decks. There is a ton of info and video on their website so you can see how to play. The games don't take very long and you need a minimum of 2 players with a max of 5 players. It was quick and easy to learn. Hilarity ensued soon after the cards were drawn. 

 When you  open the box, it goes "meow".

When you  open the box, it goes "meow".

Sparks Family Verdict: We laughed, we schemed, we had a great time playing Exploding Kittens. We like things that sparkle and explode!

5 fireworks out of 5!

Better order now if you are thinking about gifting someone Exploding Kittens for their fall birthday or Christmas gift. Would make a great host gift for any party, too. It is something different and will keep everyone laughing. It's so silly, it's good!

Happy Game Night!