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Disneyland explored.

Shop Disney: What is Disney Parks Merchandise & Where to Buy it

Disney merchandise is everywhere! You can even go to your local grocery store and find Disney plastic plates, cups, and more. But if you love visiting Disney Parks (Disneyland or Walt Disney World) and want a piece of it, there are specific places to find Disney merchandise that is made specifically for the Disney Parks.

NOTE: Disney Parks Merchandise is "stuff" that has been produced to be sold specifically at these designated Disney Parks locations: Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios. They have the DISNEY PARKS logo on the item, too. The logo could be on the clothing tag, price tag, or on the package. That's when you know that the item was specifically produced for and to be sold at one of the Disney parks mentioned before. 

Here are the places you can purchase Disney Parks Merchandise

1. The actual Disney Parks - Disneyland and Walt Disney Resorts

mad hatter.jpg

Of course the best place to be able to touch, feel, and purchase Disney Parks merchandise is when you are able to physically visit one of the Disney Parks. There is a variety of location and park specific available. It's more than your average souvenir item. You also have memories and and experience associated with the particular Disney Parks product that you buy. For example, when you are at Disneyland and get to go to The Mad Hatter to pick out and personalize you own Mickey Mouse ears, you can't get that experience or moment when ordering online. 

2. (Online shopping)

The Disney Store online has much more and different product offering from their physical store locations. When you shop Disney, they have a special section called DISNEY PARKS where you can browse and purchase the same merchandise that is sold inside the Disney Parks. It is a select offering but nonetheless, you can have a piece of Disney Parks without having to visit an actual Disney Park. They even have a generous selection of Disneyland Diamond Celebration merchandise available. So if you can't visit Disneyland during it's big 60th Celebration, you can still buy some of the 60th logo items from You can also purchase special Disney collaborations like Vera Bradley, Alex & Ani and Pandora directly from

3. Shop Disney Parks APP (New)

This is the newest option available for Disney Park fans. Disney released a new APP called, Shop Disney Parks. It's description reads as follows:

Shop for authentic Walt Disney World Resort merchandise with the Shop Disney Parks app! Browse thousands of gifts, accessories, collectibles and more, many of which have never before been sold outside of Disney Parks and Resorts

NOTE: The app is not even a month old so I will have a more extensive review after I've had a chance to play with it and order through the app, too.

One of the things about this particular app is that you can link your ID to either your Annual Pass or DVC membership so that you discount can apply.  I am entertained by the categories that you can browse through. If you see an item you are interested in, you can find out if you order it online, find it in a particular store, and see if it is available. Some items are only available at the physical location. 

So this mobile app really should be called "Shop Walt Disney World Parks". It's really geared for the merchandise offerings at the Walt Disney World Parks (Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studio). So if you've ever wanted purchase merchandise from the Florida Disney Parks, this is the place for you. You are supposed to be able to scan an item and be able to purchase it from your mobile device (I think that function is coming). You can look up an item and find out which Walt Disney Parks location has it.

4. Contact Merchandise Guest Services

If you forgot something or changed your mind about something you regretted not buying when you were at a Disney Park, you can always try to contact Merchandise Guest Services. The more information you have about the item you are looking for (what store you saw it in or the SKU number), the better that they can help you. The Merchandise Guest Service team is pretty helpful and can assist with your purchase of select items at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, and even at the Aulani (the Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina, Hawai`i).

Yes, I want to enable you with your Disney shopping fix. The holidays are coming up so its never too early to think about shopping for your favorite Disney person on your list. Shopping for Disney Parks merchandise is more than just general Disney-themed apparel, home decor and Disney stuff. It's a piece of the Disney Parks that can help re-create an experience, a moment or memory. 

Happy Shopping!