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What would a Disneyland Diamond Gala dinner look like?

One of the things I enjoy about my time at Disneyland is walking around to enjoy the store window displays. Most get changed out seasonally so it is fun to see what's in these windows. I love the current display at The Disney Showcase which highlights the Disneyland 60h Celebration. What if there was a fun and fancy Diamond Gala hosted by Mickey and Minnie? What if this is what the table setting and menus would look like?

I love these Diamond Celebration plates that are part of the 'Castle Collection'. They are classy. You can purchase them separately so if you just wanted the dessert plates or the bowls, you can do that. Or you can pace your purchase if you wanted a couple place setting.  If you wanted to use the larger plate like a charger, that would be very cool. My favorite thing about these home decor items is that they nest together to create a pretty place setting. 

This store usually changes out to "showcase" the current Disneyland specific park merchandise line, seasonal offerings, and limited merchandise. Currently, you can find most of the Diamond Celebration Merchandise at this particular location. It's a great place to get a Diamond Celebration Christmas ornament to remember your visit this year. There is a huge variety of 60th merchandise for every age and every kind of preference. 

How about a Diamond Celebration tiara? Even for not being real diamonds it is a premium purchase. It would be fun for a big milestone celebration for a very special person. 

Recently Disney Parks officially announced that the Diamond Celebration at Disneyland will continue until September 5, 2016. So you'll have almost another year to make your list and get to Disneyland and visit Disney Showcase.

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