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Music Mondays: Feed the Birds

 "The greatest story was his own." 

"The greatest story was his own." 

PBS is premiering a much anticipated documentary about Walt Disney through their American Experience series. I've seen a preview, watched all the videos on the website and I can't wait to see it. There are a lot of never before seen footage plus interviews with people who worked first hand with Disney. The one that I am looking to forward hearing from is Ron Miller, husband of the late Diane Disney Miller and Disney's son-in-law. Miller has rarely given out interviews before. The life story and career of Disney is so extensive that PBS dedicated 4 hours (2 days) worth of programing. 

So, to get ready for this TV premiere, Music Monday features a song that has become known as one of Disney's favorite songs. Feed the Birds was written by Richard and Robert Sherman for the movie Mary Poppins. The song is about an old beggar woman who sits on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral who sells bags of bread crumbs for "tuppence a bag" so that people can feed the birds that surround her.

Mary Poppins sings this song to the Banks children as a lullaby. The song actually is heard four different times in the movie.The message of the song is that there is value in charitable giving. It doesn't take much to be kind and giving brings much to both the recipient and giver. 

Mary Poppins became a very important movie to not only the Walt Disney Company, but to Disney's career. It was a personal highlight for him for many reasons. Feed the Birds is not the most popular song from the Mary Poppins soundtrack but I think it is a beautiful song with an underlying simple message. It is one of the most underrated songs from the movie but is the most important to Walt Disney. 

Here are a couple more links with interesting stories about this song and Mary Poppins:

Check out this video from Inside the Magic that captures Richard Sherman's words and performance of Feed the Birds (Disneyland, Main Street USA 2010). 

Now that you know some things about this song, you'll see Feed the Birds from another perspective, especially how it was Walt Disney's favorite song. 

Don't forget to set your DVR tonight so you can watch the new PBS American Experience: Walt Disney. You can also purchase pre-order DVD online.

Happy Music Monday!