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Disneyland explored.

Details in Animated Vintage Disneyland Map at Disneyland Hotel

In 2009, the Disneyland Hotel began an extensive refurbishment. By 2012, the updated and revitalized property would have a new pool, new decor and new lobby. This large animated Disneyland map was installed to greet guest. With Disneyland's 60th birthday underway, the map has been decorated with the Diamond Celebration decor. 

Dland hotel 1.jpg

The lights that you see on the map are the "animated" portions. There is simply a light and some light movement in those specific areas.

Getting up close, you can examine some of the fun details. Looking closely at the area where the train runs through the Diorama and it shows the names of specific sections. It is interesting to also see Disneyland Administration Building on this map. I remember going to this building as it used to be house the Casting Office. I got hired in there and had my orientation in there back in the summer of 1989. I do remember feeling the motions of the train running through the building during some of my Disney University classes.

Here are some more photos of the details on the map including points of interest for Main Street USA and Pirates of the Caribbean. It's fun to see what used to be there and to know what is there now.

So if you are ever near the Disneyland Hotel, make some time to check out this giant vintage Disneyland map. There are so many more details and fun images to discover. Bring a current Disneyland map with you so you can compare and learn what has changed through the last 60 years.

Sending some pixie dust you way!