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Disney Characters Inspire CANstruction 2015 Designs

I was at South Coast Plaza the other day and was able to walk around and see some of the really creative designs the this year's Canstruction OC. Now in it's 8th year, the event usually takes place every September alongside the Festival of Children. It is pretty fun to see the creative teamwork that goes one to create the following sculptures that are all made from mostly canned goods. It is a building competition and these are some of the entries.

All the canned sculptures are roped off. There is an information board at each one so you can see exactly how many cans and what kind of cans were used in each design. The team makeup is listed. They also have a concept photo of what is is suppose to look like. I find that the most interesting. Most of the time you can see the design but it's fun to see what the concept was and how it is translated into the actual can art. 

This year there seemed to be a good number of canned sculptures that were inspired by Disney characters. This first set of photos is the Canstruction was done by Disneyland (Design & Enginerring plus lots of Disney VoluntEARS and other Disneyland segments).  

 Designed by Disneyland Resort Design and Engineering 

Designed by Disneyland Resort Design and Engineering 

The following Canstruction entires were inspired by Disney movies. 

This canned sculpture took much thought into finding the right canned good to create this simple yet impressive design. Let's say that THE DARK SIDE had a very strong influence over this team.


Canstruction is using one can of food as a catalyst for change.
One Can to represent the building blocks of massive sculptures.
One Can to prove that every act of kindness makes a difference.

The entries are judged in categories such as Best Use of Labels, Structural Ingenuity, Best Meal, and Jurors Favorite. Winners will be announced soon. At the end of the exhibit all the cans are donated to the Orange County Food Bank. This final weekend for this event so it's your last chance to see some of these cool canned sculptures.

"It starts with one can..."