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Hidden Mickey in the new Tardis design?

I can't help it but when I see 3 circles I just see a Mickey Mouse shape. So a couple weeks when MacSparky and kid #2 were watching the Dr. Who marathon on BBC America, there was a segment about the new Tardis design. 

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So when the production designer pointed out that this particular decor on the new Tardis design incorporates a "Gallifreyan design", all I could see was 3 circles = Mickey Mouse shape. 



You can see how I arrived at my crazy claim, right? (or not).

There are a lot of Who-vian fans who are also Disney fans.  I love a good mash-up between the two. Just look at all these fun tees on Tee Fury. You can find a variety of tees by creative people offering designs celebrating their favorite fandoms. 

If you are looking for more hidden Mickey's, check out THIS POST about the ones that you can find in Disney animated movies. If you really want to know all about hidden Mickey's, check out the post and books by Steven M. Barrett, AKA The Hidden Mickey Guy

Always searching for hidden Mickey's,