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Music Monday: Friend Like Me

One of the most popular and fun songs from Disney's 1992 animated movie, Aladdin, is Friend Like Me. It was one of the last music collaborations of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken . In the movie, the song is sung by Robin Williams. The song would go on to receive nominations for Best Original Song in both the Academy Awards and Golden Globe in 1993.

The song is important in that it is when Aladdin gets to know who exactly the Genie is, and the relationship that can exist between them. The Genie sings a song and presents how the "wishing" thing can work to Aladdin in a musical number that is very elaborate, high energy, and fun to watch. Friend Like Me is Genie's signature song. Robin Williams and the Disney animators created a very memorable scene.

So when Disney created a musical stage show based on Aladdin for Disney California Adventure in 2003, they managed to re-create the same kind of scene for a live performance. It is Disney magic. This Disneyland stage show came long way before the Broadway musical version came out in 2011. 

Yesterday marked the 14,565th and final performance of the long running Aladdin, A Music Spectacular stage show at Disney California Adventure. Many past Cast Members and fans came in droves to be able to watch the final performances. I found this hi-def video someone posted. They had a great seat and the video is well done. You can see the live version of Friend Like Me at about 18:34. If you want to see a great milestone, watch this video. 

Happy Music Monday!