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Behind the Store: Off the Page at Disney California Adventure

Welcome to a new series that I am going to call "BEHIND THE STORE." It will be about some of my favorites store locations inside Disneyland and Disney California Adventures. Imagineers and merchandise teams put a lot of time and thought into naming a store location and coming up with its story. 

One of my favorite stores to visit at Disney California Adventure is Off the Page. You can't miss the store as you walk down Hollywood Land.

There is a way to enjoy this location and appreciate its name. Start by walking over to the sketch artist areas. There are two in the store and most of times you will find a sketch artist at one or both locations.

See how it looks like there is artist paper flying off the desks and floating up to the ceiling? Now continue to looks at the sketches and you will notice that some of the "pages" begin to have color. If you keep following the images towards the front of the store, you will notice that the drawn characters begin to look like they are ready to leap off the page

After you follow all the "pages" towards the front of the store, exit out of the store and it is now suppose to look like the drawn Disney characters have literally leapt off the page.

Drawing Dumbo takes a lot of paper and it looks like the sketch artist had to do it outside of the store. However, it looks like even Dumbo found his way "off the page".

A side note: you can also enter this store  by way of the Animation Academy

One of the reasons I really enjoy going into this store is not just for its charming story, but it is a gallery of beautiful Disney art, sculptures, jewelry, trading pins, books and more. The selections are always changing so you never know what you'll come upon. There is also an artist available to sketch your favorite characters so you can take a piece of art home (for a premium).  

So next time you are at Disney California Adventure, make sure to stop by this fun store and see which characters had jumped Off the Page.

Happy Shopping!