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CARROT = A Most Entertaining Weather App

The weather is big news everywhere, especially in Southern California. We joke here that when it rains, it is "STORMWATCH (insert year)" and it makes the headlines. This year it is most interesting because of the El Niño factor

I know there are lots of weather apps out there. I have several and like the local news weather apps since they seem to be the most reliable for me. However, I am most entertained by this weather app, CARROT. My husband, MacSparky, told me about it and this app makes you look forward to finding out what the forecast is. 

Here are a few screen shots from that last couple days to show you why it is a different kind of weather app.

There are even secret locations you can unlock and discover.

Looking at the weather forecast doesn't have to be boring. Check out CARROT and download for some weather fun. Turn on the sound every so often and listen to the app telling you the weather forecast is kind of entertaining too. 

Stay warm and dry!