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Music Monday: The Skeleton Dance


Sharing some October fun with this song and video. You've probably seen snippets of The Skeleton Dance(1929), which is part of The Silly Symphony Collection. This particular short is one of the earliest that was produced and directed by the Walt Disney with Ub Iwerks given the credit for animation.  Carl Stalling is given the credit for the musical score. In an interview, Stalling said he also adapted a part of Evard Grieg's "The March of the Trolls" to complete this song/dance. 

For me, just knowing that this was all done in the late 1920s meant it was created with much hard work, perseverance, creativity and hand drawn animation to put it all together. I can appreciate its historical value as it pertains to both the Walt Disney company as well as how it influenced many films, art and animation. 

Happy Music Monday!