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Friday Find: Indiana Jones Cast Member Premiere Souvenir

I was cleaning out some of my Disneyland work related bins and came upon this folder. 

 Disneyland Cast Member gift (1995)

Disneyland Cast Member gift (1995)

When I opened it up, I found these two fun pieces of paper. One is a decoder sheet to help figure out the petroglyphs that are strewn throughout the queue. The petroglyphs are referred to as "marabic" which is original to the attraction that is formally known as "Indiana Jones Adventure." The other sheet is a fun print.

The print has some Mara petroglyphs embossed around the border. I guess I need to use my decoder to figure out what it says.

The Indiana Jones Adventure premiered in conjunction with Disneyland's 40th Anniversary (1995). I feel like there were a couple more things that came with this folder but this is how I found it in my personal stuff. 

Happy Friday!